If you're a Mets fan this was a bad summer. If you're a Giants fan, you wish it was baseball season again, right.

It all started on a spring morning, when Liz announced that she decided she was going to spend the summer being a Mets fan. Great! At least that's what I thought then. Before I knew it, three of our star pitchers were out with injuries.

And before I could blink an eye, three position players, including our star outfielder, were on the disabled list, and before you could say 'Liz is a Mets fan', the baseball season was over, at least for the Mets.

Then on a late summer morning, Liz proclaimed that she was going to spend the summer being a New Jersey Giants football fan. That was great, since they were predicting a big season for Big Blue.

But before I could blink an eye, the Giants had lost 5 straight and are still waiting for their first win, and 4 of their wide receivers are injured including their star receiver. It's early October and the season is basically over.

Now I'm not saying this is all Liz's fault, but as a superstitious sports fan, I'm definitely thinking it. I just hope she doesn't decide to like the Devils. Lets keep Liz out of the NHL!

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