Let's take another opportunity to test our knowledge of Jersey Shore history, and this time around, the focus is on Monmouth County.

If you've never played, here's how it works. We give you three clues about the history of a town and with only those clues, you have to identify the town in the spotlight.

We've already told you this town is in Monmouth County, and we're not even going to count that as a clue. You're welcome. Here are the three clues you get to work with.

(1) The town was part of Shrewsbury Township until February 1849.

(2) For 30 years after that it was part of Ocean Township

(3) The area was finally incorporated under it's current name on October 4, 1881.

Well, there it is, a brief history of a Monmouth County town. Can you name it? Give it a try. We'll publish the correct answer tomorrow morning.

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