When Liz's son Benjamin told me he jokingly refers to her as "meanie", it was too good for me to pass up. He does it right to her face and it's all in good fun of course.. Benjamin loves music, so I offered to help him write a song about it. Nice of me, right?

I know Benjamin likes to write music, so I thought I'd help him with some lyrics and I share them with you now. Ladies and gentlemen, some excerpts from "The Meanie Song"


It's another quiet day in Squan

Not a whole lot going on.

If there's trouble I don't wanna know

Cause I'm just haning with my bro.


Then suddenly the silence cracks

Like an NJT comin down the tracks.

Just five words announce the doom

"Hey boys, clean this room"!


Meanie, meanie, meanie, meanie meanie mean

Meanie, meanie, meanie oh meanie meanie mean


The afternoon is hot and long

I'm just tryin to write a song

Then I hear footsteps on the floor

I think meanie's behind the door


I just wanna soak up the Jersey Shore

Cause who could ask for anything more

But it's tough to love the sand, boards and beaches

When it's interrupted by a familiar screech.


I love her with all my heart and soul

I'll take care of her when she's old

But it's not easy being Ben

When you're hearing "I'm not going to say it again"!


Repeat chorus