Many made a mad dash to the store last night in anticipation of the snow.

Whether it was a hardware store or a food store...I saw a crazy amount of people jamming the lines yesterday to be prepared for the snow.

We were told by our metorologist that this was not going to be a severe storm, but people heard "up to three inches" and apparently all decided (including me!) that it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

I realized I needed extra snow shovels...and snow boots for the boys (who managed to grow TWO shoe sizes over the summer). The snow boots I got a few days ago, so I was lucky to beat the crowd to the only remaining two pairs of size 13 (men's!) that were on the shelves.

Yesterday afternoon I hit the local hardware store, which had their snow shovels conveniently outside for all to see as we drove by. But when I got inside the store to pay for them, there was a crazy line of people who had decided they needed salt and scrapers!

At around 5 pm I headed to the grocery store that NEVER has a huge crowd (not even the day before Thanksgiving, when other stores are packed with people buying last minute ingredients for their feasts.)  All I wanted was a rotisserie chicken because my day was so bad that I didn't feel like cooking. Well....not only were they SOLD OUT of rotisserie chickens by 5 pm...but the lines were super long at the cash registers.

Yep. Bread and milk were flying off the shelves. For a potential three inches of snow. Like people really thought that would strand them inside their homes for days! And, by the way, what were all these people doing without milk and bread in the first place, that they all of a sudden HAD to have those two items? Lol.

I'll tell you one thing ---the LAST place I will go to today is a store. Now that there are up to 4 or 5 inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow, be prepared for total mayhem this evening!

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