We are learning a lot about who you think the perfect Jersey Shore guy would be, based on your votes in a series of polls. Today, we ask you about the physique.

How could the Perfect Jersey Shore Guy be perfect if you're not attracted to him, right? And after key personality traits and physical features, we are now going to ask you about this guy's general physique.

Everyone is attracted to a different type of guy, and we're going to find out which male physique is the one that ranks ahead of all others so we can add it to the growing list of attributes our Perfect Jersey Shore Guy has.

Liz and Nancy helped me come up with the categories for this one and all we want you to do is choose the one that best represents your answer, and we'll give you the results tomorrow morning.

Here's our explanation for each choice...

Dad bod. He has a little less time to work out because he's helping with the baby and now has a few extra well earned pounds. Even a non dad can have the dad bod. Maybe it's been busy at work , etc.

Couch bod. His idea of exercise is having to get off the couch to find the remote, but you still love him anyway.

Cardio bod. He's been hitting the gym or running or some other regular exercise and is generally fit.

Weightlifter bod. It's all about the muscles, lots of them and lots of working out with the weights.

Thin bod. He has the metabolism the rest of us dream of, and couldn't gain weight even if he tried. No workouts, no dieting and he's still thin.

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