When it comes to bad drivers, no state has a worse reputation than New Jersey, and the Jersey Shore seems to agree.

Our most recent Jersey Shore Poll simply asked you if you thought there were more og or bad drivers at the Jersey Shore and, as is the case in most situations in the Garden State, bad driving topped the list.

There is no doubt in most of our minds that there are many more bad drivers around here than good ones. As a matter of fact, 57% votes exactly that way in our most recent Jersey Shore Poll.

And add to that the fact that 29% said that there seems to be as many good as bad drivers at the Shore, then that means that only 14% of those responding to the survey say that good divers outnumber bad ones.

It's a pretty bad statement on our roadways to think that the vast majority of people at the Jersey Shore feel like they are surrounded by bad driving, and it's an even worst statement that most people reading this aren't even a bit surprised.

So, all we can do is be really careful on the roadways and hope we get a stroke of luck and find ourselves among the good drivers on our way to or from work today. Be careful!

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