Robots are not my thing.  In fact, just a few weeks ago I wrote an open letter to all the robots replacing us...pretty much telling them to back off. Well a popular Ocean City restaurant has me softening my stance a bit.  The Island Grill in Ocean City is having a terrible time finding servers to work so they had to think out of the box to keep their heads above water.

Owner Andrew Yoa says that a Google search led him to the idea of a robot server.  They are leasing “Little Peanut”, a robot that can run (or roll) the food out to their tables. This will help servers have more time to take the orders and "Little Peanut" will take it from there. Of course they are also using outdoor dining to take care of those who want to get take out and sit outside to eat picnic style.
Kids might actually beg their parents to go see this robot server so maybe it will help after all!  If you are looking for a job reach out asap!  Typically by this time of year, the Island Grill has over 300 applicants, since January they've only had 18. There are currently 60 jobs still open for the right candidates. There's one positive, you won't have to tip out the robot!
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Special thanks to NJ News12 for the original story.  Read more about it here.

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