Did you ever wonder what Jersey Shore residents consider the temperature when it officially becomes too hot at the Jersey Shore? We did too.

And that's why we asked you to take our latest Jersey Shore poll. We assumed that this hypothetical day would feature the world famous Jersey Shore humidity we are all so familiar with.

We then asked you to imagine that you were keeping your eye on the thermometer. At what point have you had enough? What temperature makes it officially too hot in your mind?

Here are the results our poll uncovered. Most Jersey Shore residents love temperatures in the 70's, with a cool 0% choosing that response. We also like it in the low 80's, with only 4% calling the range between 80 and 85 too hot.

Over a quarter of Shore residents start to get uncomfortable when the mercury rises to the upper 80's. As a matter of fact, 28% of those polled called anywhere between 86 and 89 degrees too hot.

The big winner was the 90 degree mark. The range of of 90 to 95 degrees easily got the most votes, with 52%. The remaining voters (16%) were able to tolerate a little more heat. The said it's not too hot until it's over 95 degrees.

You may be wondering...are we complaining about summer heat before it even gets here? You bet we are. After all it's New Jersey and we can never be completely happy with the weather.

But no matter how much complaining we do, we still love summer at the Jersey Shore, so it's a very positive complaining. Positive complaining...now that's a Jersey Shore thing!

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