Our latest Jersey Shore poll asked you to grade Summer 2017 so far and the results of your votes are in.

Here's the good news for Jersey shore residents. Most of you are enjoying your summer. Over 70% of those polled had a positive reaction to the first half of this summer. Let's break down the results for you.

Most people who voted in the poll (43%) would categorize the summer so far as "great". An additional 29% said Summer 2017 has been a "good" one, bringing the positive result total to 72%.

So what about the remaining quarter of the people at the Jersey Shore? It hasn't been the greatest summer for them, with 14% calling the summer "ok" so far, and an additional 14% categorizing it as "not so great".

But overall, it's pretty positive news for the summer so far here at the Jersey Shore. with nearly three quarters of those who responded having a positive reaction. And considering some hot and, at times, severe weather we've experienced, that's not too bad.

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