In the latest Jersey Shore Poll, we asked you to be honest and tell us just how fast you drive around the Garden State.

And as you might have already guessed, most of the honest answers would not make your local authorities very happy. Our results show that only 15% of Jersey Shore drivers are keeping it at the speed limit.

So just how fast are the rest of us driving. The speeds are not surprising, but that doesn't mean they're just a little frightening. It turns out that 8% of Shore drivers admit to driving in the 85mph to 95mph range, and that's just so dangerous.

The majority of drivers at the Jersey Shore (46%) may not be driving that fast, but they're not exactly staying near the speed limit either, reporting that they drive at between 75mph and 85mph.

About 31% of those who responded to our survey say they keep it in the range of a more reasonable 65mph to 75mph, but the bottom line here is that 85% of Jersey Shore drivers are driving above the speed limit.

My big surprise here is that a place with so much traffic and congestion, that anyone could actually attain these speeds on any regular basis. So it looks like there's only two ways to drive at the Jersey Shore. Sit in traffic, or fly down the road. Only in New Jersey.

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