For Jersey Shore football fans who aren't Eagles fans, this could be a tough Super Bowl to watch. Two Giants rivals and one Jets rival battle each other for the championship.

Obviously Eagles and Patriots fans are ready to go, and even Jets fans have an easier decision, since there is so much rivalry with the Patriots, but what about all those Giants fans?

There is a long standing, built in rivalry with the Eagles, and the only time a Giants fan roots for Philly is when an Eagles win benefits Big Blue, and in this case it simply doesn't.

But the only thing more rare than a Giants fan pulling for the Eagles is a Giants fan rooting for Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Nothing about this Super Bowl feels right to a Giants fan.

So what we did was simply ask all Jersey Shore residents to let us know who they wanted to win this year's big game, and the results of our latest Jersey Shore poll are in.

Despite the number of Eagles fans around here, when you add up the Patriots fans in our area with the Giants fans who just can't root for the Eagles, there really wasn't much of a battle with this one.

The Patriots were the choice of 62% of Jersey Shore residents who responded to our survey, leaving only 38% who checked the box for the Eagles.

As a Giants fan myself, I am leaning toward the Eagles despite our years of rivalry, simply because I get a little sick to my stomach every time I think about cheering for Tom Brady and company.

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