Well...good thing we put it on the bucket list, because you only have about a month to do it.

It's the end of an era as a major change is made at Six Flags in Jackson, eradicating one of the coolest things to do at the Jersey Shore.

Point News reports that starting October 1, you will no longer be able to drive through the Wild Safari at Six Flags in Jackson.

When I was kid, I remember going to Great Adventure all the time with my mom and brother...we would pack sandwiches and snacks in coolers, and when it was time for lunch, we would leave the park, and Mama C would drive around the Safari as we ate in the car.

It. Was. Awesome.

We never drove through the part where the monkeys jumped on your car (they got rid of that years ago anyway) but it was so neat seeing the giraffes lick the sunroof and watching the peacocks and llamas and everything else you can imagine come right up to the car.

When else would you get to see a kangaroo that close??

There is no word yet on if they will have their own tours operating through the park, or if the area will be turned into a zoo, where patrons can walk around.

The animals are reportedly staying though, and we can expect an announcement on Aug. 30 about what exactly the new Safari complex will be like.

There has been no reason given for the policy change, but it does not appear to be safety-related.

Have you ever driven through the Six Flags Wild Safari? Tell us your story below!