Best babysitter ever...or a little creepy?

An Ocean County native posted a Craigslist ad that landed her in Time magazine!

Shellie Wass

Shellie Wass of Point Pleasant Beach is a 25-year-old professional dog walker, now living in the Philly area.

Her ad starts by saying, "Parents: I am willing to buy your ticket from you and take your kids to Taylor Swift!"

She figures she's helping out parents who don't want to be 'standing there bored with ear plugs in,' and it's worth it to her because she's a big Taylor Swift fan.

But...handing your kids over to a complete stranger to take them to a stadium concert?

Wass says in her ad that she'll provide a criminal background check and 'whatever other proof you need to know I'm not an evil person.'

I talked to Shellie via Twitter and she said no one has taken her up on her offer yet, but people have made comments on articles saying she is creepy -- though no one has said that to her directly.

This is certainly a creative way to go...(though maybe if you really want those T. Swift tix, just listen to Lou and Liz in the morning all week!)

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