Many of us keep back up gifts handy this time of year, just in case we forgot someone's gift this holiday season. Now the Jersey Shore's favorite back up gift is revealed.

Our latest Jersey Shore poll set out to find which back up gift is the one that most people have handy, just in case you forgot someone's gift or someone you didn't think would get you anything surprised you this year.

There were a variety of good answers (and good ideas) to choose from among the answers we received, so let's take a look at the results and find out which back up gift tops the Jersey Shore's list.

We'll start the top 3 at #3, which is chocolate or candy (15%). Just keep a few boxes in your desk, or purse and when Ed from accounting shows up at your desk with a gift, even though we has never given you one in the six years you've worked together.

The second most popular back up gift at the Shore is a coffee gift card (23%). When Amanda from HR gets off the elevator with her annual gift for you, and you say to yourself, "Amanda...I knew I forgot someone," just reach into your bag of coffee gift cards, and everyone's happy.

And the top back up gift at the Shore is a good old bottle of wine. (46%) You can't go wrong with a nice Cabernet or Pinot Grigio, especially if it's wrapped in one of those nice silver gift bags!

So, if you're into covering all of your bases when it comes to gift giving this holiday season, you may want to have some of the top 3 backup gifts handy. And if those don't appeal to you, some other choices Jersey Shore residents made, even though they didn't make the top 3 include general gift cards and Christmas decorations.

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