We just celebrated National Hot Dog Week and now we celebrate the Jersey Shore's favorite way to eat a hot dog.

The latest jersey Shore Poll reveals a lot about the way we consume our hot dogs in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. The first thing we learned is there are a lot of different ways we like them.

In our survey, seven different varieties were represented, and just to prove we're an interesting bunch around here, exactly 0% of you voted for a plain hot dog. We even have style when it comes to hot dogs!

So, let's get to the results. Sixteen percent of you singled out Wind Mill hot dogs as your favorite, even though we didn't ask for a favorite brand, and who can deny our love for those here at the Jersey Shore, right?

When it came to the way we construct our hot dog, "just mustard" got 5% of the votes, while "pepper and/or onion grabbed 11%, good for 5th and 4th place respectively. So what made the top 3?

The chili cheese dog got enough votes for third place with 16% of the vote (tying it with the Wind Mill votes) and the #2 hot dog at the Jersey Shore is the relish and mustard dog, getting 21% of the vote.

And the top dog at the Jersey Shore? It's a dog with mustard and sauerkraut, which received 26% of the vote to take the crown! Thanks for all your votes!

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