If there is a time Jersey Shore residents can get match the frustration we feel on the roadways, it's while we're food shopping.

We knew the food shopping pet peeves would be as interesting as the driving pet peeves, and they were. As a matter of fact, we may have more frustration about the food shopping because we don't get to vent about it as often.

We asked you to choose your biggest food shopping pet peeve in our latest Jersey Shore poll and one thing is for sure. There was no shortage of pet peeves, and no shortage of frustration.

First let's tell you some of the honorable mention votes that each got votes but less than 5% of the total. The following got mentioned; leaving all your stuff on the belt to run for one more item, people who don't return their cart, displays in the aisles, the checkout line and the way people drive their carts.

And that leaves us with the Top 3 Food Shopping Pet Peeves and here they are. Number 3 is a pet peeve that occurs before you even see your first item. It's that parking lot (17%), full of very bad driving.

In second place in our polling was the general rudeness and impoliteness of the other shoppers, which grabbed 22% of the vote. Wait, let me get this straight. There are rude people...in New Jersey?

No pet peeve received more votes than the new champion of food shopping pet peeves here at the Jersey Shore which got 41% of your vote, and that honor belongs to that cart in the middle of the aisle. You can't pass it on the left. You can't pass it on the right. Aaaahh!

All in all, there's a lot to get upset about when it comes to food shopping, and apparently, we are. It's interesting that the top 3 food shopping pet peeves could be mistaken for driving pet peeves. It's rude people who are in your way and don't know how to drive.

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