When it comes to traffic signs being ignored, one sign in particular at the Jersey Shore is head and shoulders above the rest.

In our latest Jersey Shore poll, we asked you to identify the one traffic sign that gets ignored most often in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Although there are many choices that fit that description, one sign dominated your votes.

More than half of you (57% to be exact) said the most ignored sign is "Yield".  Even though it seems nobody in this state wants to yield, And even though no one wants to, The New Jersey Driver Manual warns that we all should be ready to yield...

"Although laws govern the right of way, a motorist should always be prepared to yield.

I think a lot of Jersey drivers missed class that day. But "yield" the only sign that got ignored. Just over 15% of you said "stop" is also disregarded way too often, placing it at #2 on the survey.

Rounding out the top three was "speed limit". Oh yeah, that. It's pretty bad that in a state where everybody speeds, ignoring the speed limit sign only gets 13% of the vote. Evidently here in the Garden State, we have plenty of ignoring to go around.
"Yellow light" got 10% of the vote, and "merge" and "keep right except to pass" each got 3%. There is no questions that we have all seen people ignore some of these signs, and maybe we've seen them all being ignored at one time or another.
The bottom line here is that with all the ignoring going on and with all the other distractions while driving that we're dealing with out there, there is no doubt that there hes never been a time when paying careful attention is more important than ever.

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