We have completed our poll for the eye color of this hypothetical perfect Jersey Shore guy and it's time to give the results.

As we continue to add more pieces to the perfect guy puzzle, we now add eye color. If you're favorite eye color for a guy is brown or green, I'm sorry to say you're going to be disappointed.

Green only got 6% of the vote, while brown, probably the most prevalent eye color managed only 22% of your votes, meaning it was a battle between hazel and blue, and it really was close.

Hazel really gave blue a battle, but in the end, the 33% hazel received fell just short, making it the 2nd choice of our voters in this poll. So it looks like the perfect Jersey Shore guy is going to have blue eyes, based on the 39% of you who voted for it.

So far our Mr. Jersey Shore is between 5'8" and 5'11" and has brown hair and blue eyes. Obviously there are plenty of other pieces of this puzzle we need to complete, and we'll all get back to work on it next week.

So take a few moments this weekend to imagine the perfect Jersey Shore guy and we'll be asking you to help us.


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