After  many discussions and many votes, the Jersey Shore has settled in on the physique our Perfect jersey Shore Guy will have.

The vote results were actually much closer than we expected and the results show that we all have a different idea of the perfect physique for the Jersey Shore's Perfect Guy we are putting together.

Let's take a look at our final results. The lowest vote getter was Thin Bod which received only 3% of our vote. There was a pretty good battle between Weightlifter Bod (16%) and Couch Bod (13%), with the bodybuilders getting to edge.

That leaves us with the battle between the top 2 choices. It all came down to Dad Bod and Cardio Bod, and the difference in the voting was only 3%. Dad Bod grabbed 32%, but it wasn't enough to beat Cardio Bod, which received 35% of your votes.

So, by a slight margin, the Jersey Shore wants their Perfect Guy to be fit in addition to all the other attributes we've already determined through your votes. Keep checking in for the next poll as we get closer to finding the Perfect Jersey Shore Guy.

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