We have been asking you to vote in a series of polls to help us build the perfect Jersey Shore guy and the most recent poll focused on his personality.

We asked you to vote for the three personality traits that were most important to you, and now the votes are in. So we are proud to present to a peek into the perfect Jersey Shore guy's personality.

All of the choices were good traits and would be nice for a guy to have, but not all traits could make the top 3. First, let's look at some of these good qualities that got votes, but not enough to make the cut.

A guy who's a good listener and is affectionate is a good thing, but each only got about 3% of the votes, and 9% of the voters wanted the guy to be a family man. Also, 12% want the guy to be easygoing.

And that brings us to the Top 3. Our perfect Jersey Shore guy needs to be faithful, according to 18% of our voters, good for #3. Our guy also has to be an honest guy as well (26%) for the #2 spot.

So, what's the top personality trait for the perfect Jersey Shore guy, according to your votes? "Sense of humor" edged out "honesty" by just 3%, making the ability to make you laugh the top personality trait of our super man.

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