Cheesecake is the perfect thing to bring to your holiday gathering.  Just ask the Golden girls, there is almost nothing better than a cheesecake to solve your problems or get through the holidays.  There are lots of options so let’s cut to the chase and tell you the highest-ranked cheesecake spots in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  I want to make sure your bases are covered. 

Photo credit: Eileen's FB
Photo credit: Eileen's FB


The first one is really saying something because I’m about to share with you the best cheesecake in New York.  For crying out loud, cheesecake is named after the state.  Are you ready for this jelly?  I give you a strawberry jam-topped mini cheesecake from Eileen’s.  Food & Wine Magazine named them the best Cheesecake in all of America. They are made fresh daily and have the highest ingredients.  How do I know that?  They charge $108.00 for a cheesecake.  I’m not sure if solid gold is one of their ingredients but I know it tastes like it.

Photo credit: The Cheesecake Lady
Photo credit: The Cheesecake Lady


There is a fan favorite that makes a s’mores cheesecake that will bring you to your knees. The Cheesecake Lady had become so popular they opened another location in VA as well as a spot in New Jersey (Hamilton).

Their flavors are off-the-charts good:


Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Raspberry Almond

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

Cookies & Cream



Strawberry Swirl

Chocolate Covered Banana


Cranberry Orange Swirl

Blueberry Crumb

Butter Rum Raisin



Who takes the crown for our state?

New Jersey has agreed it is all about Marc’s Cheesecake MSN Lifestyle and Love Food named them the best cheesecake in New Jersey and we have to agree. Their cheesecakes are as beautiful as they are delicious. Feast your eyes on this.

Photo credit: Marc's Cheesecake IG
Photo credit: Marc's Cheesecake IG

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