Sometimes I sit in the studio in absolute shock at what comes out of my co host's mouth. It's official. I work with a diva.

I wanted to share some Liz diva quotes over the past month. Enjoy.

While we were filming a Tom Hayes' TV show at Monmouth SCAN...

"Does anyone have makeup"

"Why is it so hot in here"

"Can I get a fan over here"?

"Half of my butt check is on the table"

"The mic is touching my hair"

"Why is he touching me. His chair is WAY too close"

...and that was a half hour show.

We were interviewing Brett Colby about the Winter Glow Ball for ARC of Monmouth which we are emceeing...

"Is there a rider? We get a rider, right"?

"Do I get parking"?

"What about the food"?

"Are there rooms for the talent"

My co host. Just call her superstar. Actually don't call her. Her people are exhausted from answering her calls.