It was a hit-and-run that occurred last Thursday night and our hearts have gone out to Emma Mae.

After getting hit by a car on Rt. 88 in Point Pleasant, landing on the windshield and sliding to the hood, and then getting thrown from the vehicle all because the driver never stopped, it is a miracle that Emma Rae is alive, despite her shattered skull.

It has been touch-and-go at times as this beautiful girl fights for her life. Here is a message from her mom from last night:

"Emma is still in critical care on the pediatric ICU floor. Her skull is fractured in three places. However, the hematoma on her brain is not as large as it has been, and has gone down a little bit. She is not out of the woods just yet. The bleed could come back at any time. But for now, she has gone from getting neurological exams every one hour to every two hours to every four hours. She has passed every exam so far. She is still vomiting when we try to get her to sit up, or if she moves around too much, but the doctors say that is to be expected. Thank you for all the prayers and well-wishes and please continue to pray for Emma-Mae."

And in another update from this morning, her mom says:

"She woke up for a good 20 minutes last night and was able to see some friends. She still wants to just sleep, which doctors say is normal due to the swelling on the brain. Hoping that today is the day she will sit up in a chair and maybe even eat something. She still has a long road ahead of her but one doctor said that her being so physically fit and muscular is a factor in what helped save her. She will stay in the ICU again today."

An arrest has been made in the hit and run: 26-year Old Brittany Keifer of Point Pleasant. CLICK HERE for details.

If you would like to show your support, CLICK HERE to make a donation.

For the full story about what happened to Emma Mae, CLICK HERE.


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