CUTE ALERT!! Before a fun Saturday surfing waves off the coast of Belmar beach, at sunrise I was greeted by a baby seal. WATCH BELOW:

I love marine life and not every day do you get to see a seal getting warm from the sunrise. What should we name it?! Seeing the healthy baby seal flop around the beach only brought a smile to my face. I am happy to report that the baby seal eventually made its way back into the ocean and swam away without any problem. It's important to note that I kept a safe distance and besides getting a video from a few yards away, I left the animal alone.

From Cape May to Sandy Hook, the water will only continue to get colder which means more seals will return to Jersey Shore beaches. Seals have lived off the coast of New Jersey for many years, but their population continues to increase. Most seals like the one you saw in the video are born in the summer in much colder waters off the coast of Canada, Maine, and Massachusetts. They migrate to New Jersey every winter. The seals you might see on the beaches or off the New Jersey coast are youngsters or teenage seal pups. If you see a seal this winter, wildlife experts want you to keep your distance!

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