Top O' the Drawbridge to ya!

(View of Avon beach from the top of the drawbridge)

Avon felt like Heaven yesterday....what a treat to get such warm weather (no jacket necessary!) in the middle of winter.

This is when it's great to live close to the beach. It was just a stunning day. People pulled out their beach chairs, took their kids to play in the sand, surfed, walked, and ran the boardwalk and beach, and took their dogs out to play on the beach, too.

(Couple enjoying the warm day at the Avon Pavilion, photo by Liz Jeressi)

So far this winter, we have been able to run the boardwalk in December, January, and now overall winter hasn't been as bad as some years.

I ran into a guy that drove all the way from Philly to go to Avon beach yesterday just because of the gorgeous weather. When I asked him why he picked Avon out of all the beaches at the Jersey Shore, he said it was the nicest ride for him and the most direct while avoiding driving through the city of Philadelphia. He brought his metal detector and was hoping to find hidden and lost treasures :)

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Everyone down there was HAPPY! (I even heard sentences flying such as "Who CARES about global warming!") LOL!