Labor Day is over, the school buses are on the roads and another school year has begun. So what is the biggest scheduling challenge Jersey Shore parents face?

That's exactly what we asked in our most recent Jersey Shore poll. We all know that just about everything regarding our schedule changes when the school year begins, so what's the toughest part of it all for Jersey Shore parents/

Let's check the results of the poll. According to you, by an overwhelming majority (54%), the morning routine is the single biggest challenge of all. No, surprise there, right? Traffic jams for the shower, kitchen and Keurig are reported all over the Jersey Shore this morning.

But that's not the only schedule buster that got votes. We can't forget about homework, which grabbed 23% of the vote. I bet if we took the poll after a few months of homework sessions this number would probably be higher.

I thought "after school activities" would get more votes, but it only received 8%, putting it in a tie with "afternoon routine" and "school buses on the road".

So, there you have it. all the top back to school things that will completely turn our schedules upside down as a new school year has begun. Good luck to the kids, teachers and the parents on a new school year!

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