No one will argue that the Jersey Shore has it's share of creepy bugs. So which is the creepiest of them all?

That is exactly what we asked you in the latest Jersey Shore poll and there was a wide range of answers, of course, but I think we've managed to answer the question of which is the least welcome bug here at the Jersey Shore.

No less than eleven different types of bugs received votes in our poll. First, let's focus on the top 5 choices according to the votes of Jersey Shore residents. It's the Top 5 Creepiest Bugs at the Jersey Shore!

Coming in at #5 was a tie between ants and green flies (6%). In the fourth spot was wasps which got 9% of the votes. So what's worse than green flies, wasps and ants? Apparently plenty.

In at #3 on the poll was spiders, which got 13% of your vote. I thought spiders would have landed higher in the results. So. which insects are the ones that freak Jersey Shore residents out more than spiders?

If you thought the centipede was going to be the number one answer in this poll, you were close, but they did not grab the top spot. Centipedes are the creepiest bug for 25% of Jersey Shore residents, which was good enough for the #2 spot.

So that leaves us with just one. It's time to crown the Creepiest Bug at the Jersey Shore. And the winner is (insert drum roll here) the Cricket. The what? Yep, the cricket. If you're thinking about an adorable Disney character right now, then you haven't come face to face with a spider cricket.

The spider cricket is something straight out of a science fiction horror movie. And when you confront one, they don't walk and they don't even run. They randomly leap, and sometimes that leap is right at you. Talk about nightmares.

I think they're sometimes they're called camel crickets or cave crickets, but I'm not positive since I'm no cricket expert. One thing I'm sure of is these critters are gross, and in my mind worthy of the "creepiest Bug at the Jersey Shore" title you have bestowed upon them.

By the way. We all hate mosquitoes, but I'm not sure they qualify as creepy. Mosquitoes only got 3% of the vote.

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