It's another workday at the Jersey shore and we drag ourselves to another day at the office. Our question for you today is, if you could choose any career in the world, what would it be.

I'm sure that there are some Jersey Shore residents who absolutely love their job and wouldn't change a thing. But for those who don't, and if you could just blink your eyes and be anything you wanted to be, what would that cream job be?

We're going to list some categories and we'd like you to vote for the one that comes closest to your dream job. We're going to list actual occupations here, and not things like 'millionaire'.

So what would your dream job be? Would you be a world famous actor or singer? Would you choose to be a great life saving doctor? How about an internationally known sports star?

Would you want to be the President of the United States, or maybe the founder of a charity that helps millions? Or how about a great teacher with the ability to be a positive role model for many children? And then there are some of the bravest people on Earth, our first responders.

So, we're going to list categories, and just pick the one that is closest to your dream job and cast your vote.

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