The little kid in me is SCREAMING!!!! If this isn't worth taking a trip down to Atlantic City, I don't know what is.

The Showboat Resort & Convention Hotel in Atlantic City made an announcement regarding one of their biggest additions yet: an arcade and entertainment complex!

But not just any arcade....this will be the biggest arcade in New Jersey being just over 100,000 square feet. Did I mention it will cost more than $7 million to put together?

It is going to be called "The Lucky Snake at Showboat" and is set to open on May 15th!

“What better way to kick off the family-friendly resort Showboat than to open up the largest arcade and sports bar in New Jersey,” said developer Bart Blatstein as he held a 14-foot albino Burmese python around his neck.

But gets even better because this isn't JUST going to be an arcade.

There will be an arcade with over 350 games -- both new and old -- but there will also be five restaurants, six bars, live entertainment, an e-sports gaming area, live entertainment venues, a speakeasy and a 20 ft. by 20 ft. boxing ring! *DING!* *DING!*

Games will include the classics like Donky Koong and Space Invaders.

According to, there will also be the world's largest crane game which goes from ceiling to floor, virtual reality games and a mini golf and bowling lanes!

Wow...what DOESN'T The Lucky Snake at Showboat have?

And of course, what else does every arcade have: PRIZES!

Prizes will include just about, "everything including designer purses and jewelry, cars and motorcycles, and even all-inclusive vacations."

WOW! So think of this new attraction as a Dave & Busters.....on steroids.

Still to come is a $100 million water park which could get going as soon as next month.

At this rate, Atlantic City could become the ultimate destination on the East Coast. You and the kids can hit up the arcade, parents can enjoy cocktails while the kids play, then you put the kids to bed and parents hit up the casinos!

Sounds like a plan to me.

Take a look at all we know about this upcoming arcade at

But in the are some of the classic arcade games I HOPE will be included at the Showboat. Fingers crossed.

All The Classic Arcade Games I Hope Are Coming To The Showboat

The little kid in me is screaming!

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