My 16-year old took on the challenge...and got the t-shirt!

It wasn't planned, but we went to Pete & Elda's Bar/Carmen's Pizza in Neptune City recently, and Christopher decided to take on the Double XL pizza pie.

He only slowed down at slice 7...but easily powered on to eat the whole thing in order to get the free t-shirt.

(Christopher with one more slice to go. Photo by Liz Jeressi)

I did this as a teen...and I think Benj is just about ready to try it next.

It's a fun thing to do, and I assure you it is quite possible, since this crust is the thinnest in all the land.

Pete & Elda's is still one of the best places around to hang out with friends and family for pizza & beer...and apparently everyone else in Monmouth/Ocean thinks so, too, because you still can barely find a parking space there even on a week night!