There is a law 1958 law on the books that bans bathing suits on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. One former councilwoman has suggested that authorities should enforce the law, but that idea is meeting resistance, including Asbury Park Deputy Mayor John Loffredo who says that law will be repealed. Let me just say this...hold everything!!

None of us like the word "banned". We really don't like to be told how to do things, like choosing what to wear. Certainly all of us can choose an appropriate bathing suit without government involvement, right? I know we're all thinking it, so I'm gonna say it. Not all of us. If you think all people have good judgement when it comes to bathing suits, then you just haven't been to a Jersey shore beach recently.

Here's how I look at it. If just one speedo is sold anywhere within a thousand miles of our beaches and boardwalks, then maybe we should consider some kind of legislation. Most of us are very careful to choose bathing suits. We stand in that dressing room filtering out all the suits that we wouldn't be caught dead in public with. We won't even walk out of the dressing room with them on.

Then you go to the beach and it happens. How long does it take before you see someone on the beach  with a bathing suit that is...well...not working out too well....and you turn to someone and mumble, "Look at THIS...don't they have a mirror??" Or maybe you say,"Somebody should have told her (or him) not to wear THAT!" Or at least you think it. 

I think a ban is pretty extreme, but maybe we can set up a system where people with bad bathing suit judgement need a permit or something. Or maybe there can be an online class. Or how about that alarm system at the store. If the store alarm goes off everytime the cashier forgets to take that sensor thing off, shouldn't it also start buzzing every time a 120 year old guy tries to buy a Speedo?  That's legislation I can support!

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