I have to be honest, I didn't even know this thing had a name. And I was always told not to look at the sun and by the way NASA, I just couldn't seem to find my # 14 welder's glass. I could swear I left it in the garage. Anyway, I was going to skip the Venus Transit altogether until everybody started saying that if I missed it I wouldn't see it again for 105 years. So now I had all this pressure to not miss something I didn't even know existed three days ago.

This whole thing got me thinking about other things we may not see for 105 years here in the Garden State. For instance, we may never see a parking space within two blocks of the beach for 105 years, or at least it will seem that way.

I can almost guarantee we won't see tolls going down in the next 105 years. Do you think in 2117 the EZ Pass chip that we have to have imbedded in our neck will register a $300 fee to go through the Toms River toll? And will we have to slow our hovercraft to 20 mph at the virtual toll booth?

I can also guarantee that with all the smart people that will come and go in the next 105 years, no one will be able to figure out how we can actually turn left to make a left turn in this great state. I believe that if we have the technology to teleport ourselves from place to place in 2117, we will still have to send ourselves to the right and wait at the virtual light again if we want to make a left.

So while everyone is busy watching the Venus transit across the sun once in 105 years, I'd much rather have people trying to figure out how to make the daily transit across the Driscoll Bridge take less than 105 years.

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