Many studies have been done on how weather affects our mood. So, does the heat really make you cranky?

What do you think? I mean, let's remember, we live in New Jersey. When we miss a traffic light we get cranky. When the guy in front of us on the express lane line at the supermarket has 13 items we want a federal investigation.

Cut somebody off on the highway and you'll see cranky first hand. Or watch the second guy at the light if the first guy doesn't floor it at the first hint of green.

If you need evidence of crankiness, spend some time in a busy parking lot, and watch the strategy involved in getting the next available spot. Don't you love the way we find a full lane and pull over in it like we've staked some claim to the next spot. You would think you're watching the astronauts putting the flag on the moon.    

  And forget about it if you're at an ATM and you need to make two transactions. Wanna see cranky? Watch the person behind you when they think you've gone over your imaginary time limit.

Or head to the donut shop. Watch the cranky happen as someone who needs one cup of coffee has to wait behind an indecisive person who is picking a dozen donuts one at a time.

So to answer the question 'does this heat make you cranky?', I say no. We were already cranky way before it got hot!

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