During the winter and spring, some people were involved with words like zumba, training, aerobics and dieting. I was involved with words like pizza, cake, pasta and Dessert Wars. I have plenty of time to get into reasonable summer shape, right? Wrong.

I know I'm not alone in this. Many of us wish we did a little better with our workouts and diets.  It will be pretty easy this weekend to know who is who at the beaches. The people who worked out every day will be walking slowly, showing off and strutting around. The rest of us will be wishing we stuck to our New Year's resolution longer than January 3rd.

I have this to say to anyone who feels a little self conscious. Don't be so hard on yourself! We all know that we are our own worst critics, so we probably lo0k better than we give ourselves credit for. And here's the single hardest thing to believe during bathing suit season...every time we get up from the beach blanket, everyone else on the beach is NOT looking at us, and NOT judging our bathing suit. And by the way, the walk from the blanket to the water is NOT,  in fact, two and a half miles even though it feels that way sometimes!

This is how I look at it. What's easier? Sucking in my Dessert Wars created gut in for a hour or two, or working out every day? Exactly! See you at the beach!