Facebook is a nice distraction from everything we deal with each day, but this time it was pretty clear that Facebook doesn't know me at all.

Yesterday I got this friendly little reminder from Facebook that my "friend" Liz's birthday is coming up soon. First of all, don't remind me, thank you. Secondly, no I don't want to create an event!! And third, if there was ever a case for more specific Facebook categories besides "friend", this is it.

For instance, I wouldn't necessarily need a birthday reminder from someone who is my "acquaintance", would I? No, nor would I need one from a "co-worker", right. Maybe it's time to get more specific than friend.

Here are some suggestions for categories we could use after we accept friend requests...

Former friend...used to be good friends but aren't now. Only show their stuff to me if it has 10 likes already.

Person I know...I know you but only a little. No news feed access but remind me of the birthday in case I'm in a good mood.

Person I'm aware of...not a complete stranger but prettty close. No access. I don't want to know what you made for dinner or that you're cat did the cutest thing. No birthday reminders, either . If it wasn't for Facebook I wouldn't even know your last name.

I made a mistake. I've accepted your freind request and immediately regretted it. No birthdays, no newsfeed, no messages...ever.

Of course all of these people would never see these categories. They will happily go through life thinking they are our friend. It's just easier that way.