If there was a male counterpart to the level of love that Taylor Swift gets it would have to be Ed Sheeran, wouldn’t it? Not only is Ed an incredible hit-maker, but he is also so likable we want to go have a beer with him.  He really is one of the coolest dudes on the planet so when he puts something out we are listening.  He just released something but it is not what you think. 

It is time for another huge release from our boy but believe it or not, it is actually not music!  

We’ve seen him act so you may be thinking it is a movie but you’d be wrong. Ed has been spending time in the kitchen whipping something up near and dear to my heart.  He is releasing a line of hot sauces called Tingly Ted’s.  

He basically wants this to replace ketchup.  There is one for everyone:


A zesty but not too spicy sauce with notes of lemon and smoke.

Xtra Tingly:

For the spice fans like me!  

So why the name?  Ted was a childhood nickname for Ed that he always held dear.  Ever seen bear prints on his album art?  That is him paying homage to his past and now Tingly Ted will be the taste of the future or as Ed hopes, "the new ketchup".

Ed is quoted as saying,

There really isn’t anything they don’t go with except bananas.

You can pre-order your bottles and read all about it on Tingly Ted website here.

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