Some people fondly think of this as the most wonderful time of the year :)

If you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor, friend or co-worker with a little girl, chances are that you have already been hit up to place an order.

I grew up on Girl Scout cookies and my boys have also always loved them too, so I can't imagine not placing an order. Plus, it benefits the Girl Scouts.

I remember selling the cookies myself when I was a little Girl Scout...and it doesn't seem like the order forms have every really changed through the years, lol, although the types of cookie options have certainly expanded.

Thin Mints will always be the first words that first roll of my tongue when I think about Girl Scout cookies...but for my boys, it's Simoas all the way.

I also love Trefoils! And Tagalongs! and Do-Si-Dos!

To 'meet the cookies', CLICK HERE!

What are your favorites? How many boxes will you be ordering?


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