It's devastating when a child loses a mom, dad. sibling, or close friend. At Common Ground Grief Center these kids are laying their hearts on their sleeves. You may shed a tear when you read about some of their feelings. And now there's a way to help on April 3rd.

Through art and other forms of expression, through group sessions with compassionate adults and others who have been there, Common Ground Grief Center in Manasquan is doing great work for kids in our community who have suffered great loss. Here are some of the quotes these incredible kids have shared:

--- Imagine..."Longing to hear your mom's voice just one more time and knowing you never will."

-- Imagine..."Seeing mothers and daughters all around you, knowing that will never be you."

-- Imagine..."Thinking it's your fault and living with that the rest of your life."

-- Imagine..."Being in a play, looking out at the audience and knowing your dad isn't there."

-- Imagine..."Never realizing that that one goodbye would be the last."

-- Imagine..."Looking forward to your wedding day only to be reminded that your dad won't be there to walk you down the aisle."

-- Imagine..."A son trying to learn the things that his father should have taught him."

-- Imagine..."Your mom having cancer during your entire childhood, knowing she is going to die, and trying to prepare for her death."

-- Imagine:."Being a twin and having your brother, your best friend, die."

-- Imagine..."Hanging out with your friends one day, and the next, they're gone."

Imagine..."Sitting on the couch watching TV and wishing your dad's arm was around you."

Imagine..."Being at the father/daughter dance with your Uncle or Grandpa and watching all your friends dancing with their dads."

Imagine..."Being surrounded by a room full of people and not one understands what you're going through."

Imagine.."Wishing your heart was whole again."

The Common Ground Grief Center is a nonprofit in Manasquan that raises money so that children suffering from grief and loss through a death have a free place to go for help. The organization is there for many local communities in our areas and the children who live in them, bringing them into a beautiful, safe atmosphere to express their grief and begin the healing process. They are supported solely by YOUR donations.

If you would like to help, or attend a wonderful CHEFS EXTRAORDINAIRE event this Thursday evening, April 3, 2014, or to make a donation to Common Ground Grief Center, CLICK HERE!

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