I learned something brand new about my co-host Liz Jeressi today. I found out how she breaks the ice when she wants to talk to a cute guy.

How's this for an opening line? "I'm Lou Russo's co-host". It's not exactly 'what's your sign' or 'do you believe in love at first sight', but apparently Liz thinks it's a great icebreaker. And she used it to try to strike up a conversation with the Mike Dalton Band front man Mike Dalton.

Fortunately for him, and for Liz, he couldn't really hear the whole thing, so he just asked where I was and moved on.

Does anybody else think the absolute last two words that should be uttered by Liz when attempting to talk to a guy are Lou and Russo? If so, please give her some other options for opening lines in the comment section. Please do this as soon as possible. Thank you...from the both of us.