Believe it or not, Christmas is exactly two months away, so It's time to find out how much progress we've made when it comes to shopping. What kind of shopper are you?

Here are some types of Christmas shoppers we came up with. Which one are you?

Summer Sun Shopper. With only two shopping months to go, have you finished your shopping. Are you one of those people who starts in the summer and finishes so early, they forget what the gift is by the time Christmas rolls around?

Spot Shopper. Or are you the kind of person that paces everything out? You've spotted some things and picked them up to get the Christmas ball rolling but are still far from closing the book on Christmas shopping 2016?

'Tis The Season Shopper. Maybe you're the type who gets it started right about now. November is around the corner, Black Friday is not far away and you're warming up the sleigh in the driveway, but you haven't taken it for a ride yet.

What's Still Open Shopper. This is the shopper that winds up doing 40% of his or her shopping at a Wawa that just happened to be open on Christmas Eve. Expect lots of gift cards and gift bags from them.

How much have you done?