We set out on a quest to find out what Jersey Shore residents consider the greatest football food of all time and the results are in.

There are just a few games left in the football season, but they are the biggest games of the year, and that means the biggest football parties of the year are just around the corner, and you want to make sure you have the right food at your party.

That's why we thought you could use our recent poll results as a shopping list for your party, so here are some of the results. Let's find out what the top football food of all time is here at the Jersey Shore.

The #1 food mentioned by Jersey Shore residents, getting a whopping 43% of the vote was wings. it's closest competitor was nachos, which got 29% of your votes.  The old standard chips & dip grabbed 14% of the vote.

Sub sandwiches and chili got some representation as well, each coming in with 7%. So there you go. That's a pretty good guideline of the food you should have out on the table in time for kickoff. Thanks for your votes!

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