A teen from Monmouth County is now a successful entrepreneur!

Jigglies! I love the name...and these little cheesecakes looks really yummy:) I am now on a mission to try one.

Sometimes referred to as 'cotton' cheesecakes because they're so light and fluffy, Jigglies are described by Jared, the creator, as a cross between cheesecakes and souffles.

They come plain, or stuffed with hazelnut cream or smoked strawberry jam. And, right now, his seasonal special is pumpkin spice caramel  latte-filled Jigglies!!! An irresistible treat for sure :)

Jared of Jigglies Facebook Photo

Jared Blumer, the teen who is making and selling Jigglies, studies culinary arts at Freehold Boro High School. During the pandemic when he found himself with extra time on his hands and was baking at home, he came up with this recipe...by accident...when he was trying to make something else.

Once he realized how good his desserts were, he started giving them away as gifts to friends and neighbors, and everyone else loved them, too!

Now he works out of a commercial kitchen (until he goes off to college, that is)  and is juggling his small business with his classes until graduation.

Jared makes Jigglies in small batches to ensure the best quality and taste, so he can only accomodate a certain number of orders a day. That means you have to order Jigglies in advance. (First come- first served.)

And Jared says he's always experimenting with new flavors.

Jigglies come in 6-packs or 12-packs and you can order one flavor or a variety. Cash or Venmo accepted.



Right now, it looks like you can only get Jigglies Cheesecakes by arranging to drive by and pick them up curbside, or they can be delivered if you live within 5 miles of Freehold Raceway Mall in the Freehold/Manalapan area so that Jared can get them to you after his classes end for the day.

Jigglies do require refrigeration and can be kept in the fridge for up to a week or, if wrapped air-tight, can be kept frozen for up to 3 months. You must be home at the time of delivery.

One day (perhaps after college so that he can earn his degree) he sees his business as being a huge success. And so do I.


His family must be so proud :)

1. Click “Send Message”
2. Indicate the ITEMS and QUANTITY desired
3. Indicate your preference for CURBSIDE PICK UP* or DELIVERY**
*Curbside is in the Freehold/Manalapan area

We spoke with Jared recently and his interview will air live this coming Monday at about 6:40 am on Lou & Liz in the Morning on 94.3 The Point!

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