Now that Easter Sunday is over I was curious how many calories I ingested over the course of the. day. I really didn't want to know, but at the same time, I was very curious, so I figured it out,

Diane made a fantastic breakfast. The eggs, bacon and sausage weren't enough for me of course, so I had to have a piece of pastry and a mini chocolate chip muffin. Wash that down with a big glass of orange juice and I enjoyed those 873 calories.

I didn't want to eat lunch since we were going to have an earl dinner. We were going out for that dinner with my parents, so all I had for "lunch" was half of a can of nuts (about 4 oz), so add another 320 calories. Total so far:1193.

Then we met at my Mom and Dad's house and snacked on some cheese and crackers (380 calories). I haven't made it to Easter dinner yet and I've already had 1573 calories. Great.

We got to the restaurant and I had two picese of beautiful Italian bread dipped in oil (260 cal) followed by calamari and fried zucchini appetizers (614 cal) and a bowl of pasta fagiola (190), so as I waited for dinner, I was already up to 2637.

Dinner arrived and I had my favorite, Chicken Parmigiana with pasta. Chalk up 1090 calories. Than when dessert time came, I had to taste som of Mom's ice cream. Add another 250 calories. If you're keeping count, I'm up to 3977, but I'm not done.

Each year, my Nana made a chocolate cake shaped like a lamb. Sadly, we  lost Nana this past summer, but my Mom kept the tradition going, so I couldn't pass up on that. Add 340 calories, and I think we're done. 

Easter Sunday calorie total: 4317. Not bad. Seriously, I thought it would be worse. Seriously!

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