We reached out to Jersey Shore residents to find out if you think Jersey Shore still has an impact on our reputation, and the results are in.

After reading yet another reference to why people might want to avoid our area to because it might be like what tourists saw when watching Jersey Shore, I wondered if that show could possibly still be impacting the way those living outside New Jersey might view us.

The results of our latest Jersey Shore poll might surprise you. Even though it's been a while, about 65% of those who responded believe the show does have an impact. Let's break down the results.

Let's start with some good news. About 21% of Jersey Shore residents say the show has no impact at all on our reputation. Another 29% say it occasionally has an impact, but not very often.

The majority of voters do believe that Jersey Shore still "absolutely" has an impact on how people view our area. Interestingly, 14% believe the publicity from the show actually has been positive for tourism in our area.

I think it's been a while since Jersey Shore was the biggest thing on TV, but I guess it just hasn't been long enough.

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