Sometimes a drink can be made infinitely better by adding the simplest of ingredients. This week's cocktail is the perfect example of that!

We went down to Chef Mike's ABG in South Seaside Park for some fun at the tiki bar!

Watch as I conjure up the 'cocktail fairies' to show us how to make a Snappy Strawberry Lemonade:

[onescreen item="5120350"]

When you combine vodka and limoncello with fresh strawberries and pink lemonade, you really can't go wrong, but it's the Pop-Rocks on the rim that make the drink special. It's a fun nod to your inner child while sipping on a decidedly adult beverage!

The cocktail is a little sweet, and a little tart, and a perfect sipper for a summer day at the tiki bar on the beach!

Check out the Snappy Strawberry Lemonade and all of the other amazing cocktails at Chef Mike's ABG, 24th & Central Ave. in South Seaside Park, right next to Island Beach State Park.

What's your ideal summer cocktail? Tell us in the comment section below!

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