It's hard to believe it, but my wedding is just about six months away, (!!) and as the planning continues, my bridesmaids are starting to think about the bachelorette party festivities.

So what's the plan?

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Well, like most wedding-related things, I can't decide what I want.

There's a game plan floating around about heading to Atlantic City for a night or two, spending time at one of the spas, enjoying a nice dinner, and heading out to the clubs for dancing

The thing is...I feel like I go to Atlantic City ALL.THE.TIME. So I'm very meh on the idea of doing my bachelorette party there...same deal with NYC. I'm sure it'd be fun, but it doesn't seem all that special or different from any other night out.

Ideally, I would want to go somewhere, since I love traveling. Whether is was to a party town like Vegas, a fun trip to New Orleans, or a weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, I know it would be a lot of fun...but it's also insanely expensive to even just get to those places, and I hate to ask people to put out that kind of money.

Seeing as how the wedding is in late May, and we'll probably be doin it up in April, it will be too cold around here to head to Cape May or Ocean City, MD or a nearby beachy resort town like that.

We were thinking about Baltimore as an option, but no one was really wowed by that idea either.

I can't seem to think of any places that would be fun to visit and still cheap enough to get to...or maybe something nearby that I'm just not thinking of?

Send me any and all ideas...I might wind up using it!