'Tis the season for a different awards show just about every weekend, and with awards season here we set out to find the Jersey Shore's favorite awards show.

We gave you a chance to let us know which award show is your favorite in a recent poll, and the results are in. So, can we have the envelope please? The people of the Jersey Shore's favorite awards show is...the People's Choice Awards.

It was a close battle, but People's Choice took the top spot, getting 29% of your vote. Landing in a close second place with 21% was the Grammy Awards, followed in third by the Academy Awards, which received 17% of the votes.

I was completely surprised by just about all of those rankings. I figured the top spot would be a battle between the Grammy Awards and the Oscars, and since the Academy Award nominations were just released, I thought that would win the poll.

I also thought the Emmy Awards and Golden Globes would have done better, and I didn't think the People's Choice would land in the top 3. it's a good thing I don't predict things for a living.

Rounding out the voting were the Tony Awards (13%), Golden Globes with 8% and Emmy Awards, Billboard Music Awards and SAG Awards all got 4% of your vote.

You can check out the award show schedule at newsday.com.


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