A family friend said to me that I look better with a mask on. The guy was clearly busting chops (I hope) but quickly after, I started to think how big of a fashion statement masks have become. Not only are these things keeping us SAFE but for free, in public, we can show flashes of who we really are as individuals. From your favorite sports team to your favorite food, masks might forever be an important part of our everyday look.

For example, when I go on a date, I will not wear my Eagles mask. There’s a 50% chance she’s a Giant fan, 40% chance she likes the Jets, a 5% chance she cares less about football and 5% long shot she’s finally an Eagle fan. (Realize how I left out the Cowboys). Where did I get those numbers? Don’t worry about it, but I know if I roll up on the first date with an Eagles mask, my odds are slim to seal the deal for date two.

I don’t think anyone has said this publicly but we all secretively judge other people’s masks. It’s human nature. We think some look good and some look bad. I know all Yankee fans walk past someone wearing a Red Sox mask and think to themselves, “Ugh, why would anyone wear such garbage.” I saw one guy wearing a “Save Water, Drink Beer” mask. Clearly, that guy likes to throw them back. I also saw a mask with Bruce Springsteen lyrics on it. How Jersey is that? Though I wish for better times, it’s still pretty cool to see our first amendment being used even when wearing a mask!

At the end of the day, instead of my Eagles mask, I can’t go wrong with wearing the light blue medical mask like many of our medical heroes wear. Being fashionable is nice but staying healthy is the goal. Do what you like and whatever makes you feel the most satisfied.

A sincere THANK YOU to all medical workers who continue to work hard on the front lines.

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