Summer time is finally here, and there's no better place for a nice cold cocktail than on the beach!

Even if your toes aren't on the hot sand, you'll definitely feel the heat from the cocktail of the week!

We had so much fun last time at Chef Mike's ABG in Seaside Park that I had to go back for more. This week, bar manager Johnny Long Legs showed us the Blood Thirsty Margarita.

I'll be honest, when he first told me what was in it, I didn't think I would like it, but then I tried it, and was amazingly surprised!

blood thirsty margarita
Laurie Cataldo

A little sweet, a little heat, and like everything at Chef Mike's ABG, dangerously sexy. This top shelf treat features blood orange, passion fruit, and an unexpected surprise!

[onescreen item="5097460"]

Chef Mike tells us his new tiki bar is almost ready to go...I just may have to take the camera back again!

What's your favorite liquor in drinks? Tell us in the comment section below!

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