The elusive frosty green treat known as the Shamrock Shake has been spotted back at McDonald's stores at the Jersey Shore, and it got me or not, where can you find the best milkshakes around here?

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    Coney Waffle - Belmar

    Coney Waffle isn't serving up your average milkshake...they actually call their creations 'sideshow shakes." They are freakishly over-the-top and insanely good! They'll even cover your green craving with their mint chocolate chip shake!

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    Hoffman's - PPB/SLH/Little Silver/Long Branch

    I mean, really, can you beat the ice cream at Hoffman's? A great milkshake has to start with great ice cream, and a Hoffman's fudge mint cookie shake will satisfy every frosty green craving!

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    Bobby's Burger Palace - Eatontown/Freehold

    Now, you know I'm never big on chains, but I'll make an exception for this place, because the milkshakes here are just ridiculous. I once asked BBP owner/celebrity chef Bobby Flay what magic he put in them to make them good, and his 'trick' is just using a TON of ice cream. Healthy? Not a chance. Delicious? You bet. Sure, you can go green with a typical mint chocolate chip shake...OR you can trust me and get the pistachio. Game changer.

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    Jersey Freeze - Freehold

    An institution! Every Jersey kid has to experience Jersey Freeze at least once -- it's just necessary. I always used to get coffee milkshakes, but you can go faux shamrock with a mix of vanilla and mint chocolate (or if you have a little luck of the Irish, they may have pistachio when you go!)

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    Cookman Creamery - Asbury Park

    Cookman Creamery has AMAZING ice cream, and special bonus: they have bangin' vegan ice cream too. They work up some amazing flavors, like a totally new take on mint chocolate chip made with 'steamed distilled peppermint leaves.' Stop in for a Peppermint Bark shake and step your game up, Shamrockers.

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